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HEAT PUMPS UNLIMITED, LLC has the heating & cooling solution for any size house, mobile home or commercial property. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best heating and cooling services available at a fraction of the price of conventional fuel costs.


A heat pump helps transfer heat from one location to another - even in winter. By extracting heat energy, a heat pump efficiently keeps your home toasty warm - while keeping your bills low.


No need to have a separate heating and cooling system! Because heat pumps simply move heat from one location to another, they can cool your house in the summer - using the same equipment!


Currently heating with oil? You can save up 25-50% of your current heating costs per year with a heat pump as well as have your air conditioning in the summer. A win-win situation!

Our certified technicians will install your heat pump. Financing and rebates are available for qualified buyers. Contact us at our Maine or Massachusetts location for more information on how you can start saving.