About Us

HEAT PUMPS UNLIMITED, LLC is dedicated to providing you with the best heating & cooling solution for any size house, mobile home or commercial property, all at a fraction of the cost of conventional fuel costs.

A Centuries Old Battle
Finding the comfortable level of heat for your home during harsh New England winters and cooling your home in the hot and humid summers.

Heating Budget
Like most of us, a huge portion of your income is eaten up heating and cooling your home.

Heat Pumps Unlimited will install a new ductless heating & air conditioning system or change your existing system to a revolutionary, proprietary technological heating/cooling system at a fraction of conventional costs.

The ductless air conditioner and heaters have the solutions: Ductless Dual Zones, Tri Zone Ductless, Quad Zone Ductless, Single Zone and Outdoor Units, and Multi-Zone Indoor and Outdoor Units.

Environmentally Friendly
Heat pumps are currently the cleanest and most environmentally friendly heating systems because they use the heat stored in the air for an economical, efficient and sustainable heat generation.

Multiple Locations
With locations in Massachussets and Maine, Heat Pumps Unlimited is never too far away. Learn how you can save money on both heating AND cooling costs by asking for a quote today.