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The following manufacturers are those whom we proudly represent for all your heating and cooling needs. Brand names that you will recognize and trust.

We will walk you through the specifics of each model and manufacturer while assisting you in deciding which heat pump is best for your home or business.

Each manufacturer has a high quality manufacturing processes which results in high quality products.  We only sell, install and recommend the best!

More importantly, all of our installers and technicians are certified after many mandatory hours of training, presented by manufacturers.

CAUTION: Do not let anyone advise you that you can go to one of the big box stores, purchase one and install it on your own and expect it to heat and cool your home. Not unless you have about $10,000 of HVAC installation tools, many hours of training and a crew to help you!! Yes, we have gone on repair calls just for such situations!!! This is not a DIY project!

Purchasing a heat pump is an investment in your property. You definitely want to do it right from selection to installation! Your investment will sincerely pay off when your energy costs are lowered dramatically.

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