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Residential Projects



New Construction of 3500 sq. ft. home in Raynham for Kingsbury Homes. Heat Pumps Unlimited installed 6 heat pumps and 3 condensers. This is a large, custom built home designed with complete energy efficient systems throughout. Kingsbury prides itself in building only energy efficient homes, utilizing “advanced construction technology” which is precisely the category where the heat pump systems should be classified.Plans2






GeoSpring Hot water heater





Heat Pumps Unlimited installed a GeoSpring Hybrid Electric 50 gallon hot water heater in Halifax for a homeowner whom we previously installed a heat pump system. Imagine the total savings this homeowner is going to have with all combined units!!!

Yes, we do install hot water heaters. Give us a call to see how Heat Pumps Unlimited can save you money with this vital system. The average homeowner spends nearly $600 annually on electric water heating! It is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. Why not lower that expense with a Hybrid hot water heater!




1200 sq ft house


For a 1200 sq. ft. home in Taunton Heat Pumps Unlimited installed 3 heat pumps. This family will definitely be warmer this winter with a more consistent and less costly heating system. In the summer they will be very surprised at the low cost of cooling their home!




Hanover exterior shot2Owners of a 1622 sq. ft. home with sunroom located in Hanover were spending between $7-800 per month to heat their home with electric baseboard heat. During the colder months they would close off their sunroom to conserve on energy expenses. Heat Pumps Unlimited installed a wall unit, in their sunroom and a floor unit in the living room. They are now fully enjoying use of all rooms including their “favorite room”, the sunroom! Here they will enjoy watching the four seasons of New England without the need to use the noisy window AC units or the need to close off this favorite place in the colder seasons. They can simply relax knowing their heating and cooling costs will be substantially lower!







No matter your income bracket, saving money on energy costs has got to be primary in your budgeting! Give us a call. We can show you how you can save substantially on your heating and cooling costs!





Single Car Garage and Workshop

small garageHalifax

Small garage converted to workshop now heated for all four Massachusetts seasons with a heat pump!


Homes in the Area

mains treet





Preparing for Winter in New England




1400 sq. ft. house installed three single units in kitchen, living room and bedroom. Huge utility savings for this family with winter just around the corner.



Two mulit-head units installed in family room, kitchen and two bedrooms. Customer had electric heat and LP gas. He will see great savings this year!!



Two single-head units installed in living room and master bedroom in a 1,050 sq. ft. home. Perfect for the coastal town in Massachusetts!



Home on the Water

panoramic beach

Kingston, MA

                                  Beach property sitting on the cliff directly on the ocean harbor.

Macaferri Home outside

Heat Pumps Unlimited installed 5 interior heat pump units: three floor units and two wall units that are connected to two outdoor condensing units.

 4 bedrooms and various nooks and crannies make the cottage comfortable for 15 for sleeping!


Macaferri Home - Copy        Wall Unit Beach House

                                        Heat pump floor unit and wall unit. 


 With hundreds of miles of beach in New England, rest assured, if you live near the water, a heat pump will definitely be a tremendous investment for your property.


Deck view!

56 shore ocean iewWith the cottage located on the water, the heat pump acts as a dehumidifier on the dry setting, taking the excess moisture out of the interior air, providing complete comfort.








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