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Summer is Here


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Massachusetts’ summer is great! Awesome beaches, fishing and boating. BUT, then there is the humidity. Remember how your window air conditioner was running forever last year? The noise, the energy bill!!

Stop by our store in Kingston. We are easily accessible on Pembroke Street, Rt. 27, directly across from the Kingston Fire Station. Yes, we are open on Saturdays 9:00 a.m. ~ 1:00 p.m. Drop by to see for yourself the quiet, cool air generated from the ductless heat pump. Our certified, factory-trained team of experts is here to instruct you and educate you on the “ins and outs” of how cool air or warm air will give your home or office an even, consistent and comfortable air flow year-round. We do not have any high-pressure salesperson on our floor. Our team has no monthly quota to meet.

Or, call us at 781/ 585-5291 to schedule an appointment. We can be at your home or commercial site within days to show you how you will enjoy your quiet, cooling, ductless air conditioner and ductless heater…as none of us will forget how much heating cost us this past winter!!

CONVENTIONAL AIR CONDITIONER!                                                             

Air_Condition_Unit_InteriorDoes this sit in your window from May through September? Do you dread lugging them out of storage and installing them? What about that back-breaking trek to the second floor to install one in each of the bedrooms! Then, the routine of taking them out at summer’s end!! The loud, nearly constant humming noise of the conventional window air conditioning unit. Does the unit sit in your living room where your entertainment center is?  Now the sound system volume must be cranked up to be heard over the AC.







outside air conditonerIf given the choice most of us would not choose to have this protruding out of our window for the humid, summer months in New England! Does this compliment the exterior of your home or office?









Installation Closer to Ceiling  

Feast your eyes on the heating and air conditioning unit above the window in this living room. This unit is virtually whisper quiet. Once you experience the consistent comfort generated throughout your home, you will wonder why in the world you waited so long to call Heat Pumps Unlimited, LLC.

KEEP IN MIND: This unit also heats your home in those cold winter months!!





The heat pump slim exterior condenser unit is safely and securely attached to the building structure or mounted on a cement pad.

Fujitsu outside














The installation of this highly efficient, energy saving unit is one of the best choices you can make to save money and use far less energy.


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