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Perhaps you noticed on our Commercial Projects Page the mention of The Upland Sportsman’s Club as one of our customers.

A few weeks ago Heat Pumps Unlimited had the opportunity to meet for a follow-up with Manager, Mike Murphy and Board Member, Jim Ruxton of the Upland Sporstman’s Club in Plympton, MA.

Jim and Mike told us that the Club had experienced a great savings since taking steps to move toward reducing energy costs. Annually, Jim Ruxton closely monitors the costs of utilities.

The Upland Club has 1800 sq. ft. of use on the sub-floor where the members gather for meetings, drinks and small dinners. The main floor is 2700 sq. ft. where there is a function room and full kitchen. This floor is often rented to non-members and non-profit organizations for social gatherings, as well as used for large group member functions for holidays.  Since the heat pumps have been installed for more efficient and consistent warmth in the heating seasons and continuous, comfortable heating for the warmer seasons, the Club should be able to increase the function room rental year-round.



The savings results the Upland Club shared are as follows:

Installation of LED lights May 2014: by reducing the KWH by 11,562 they realized a savings of $1,041 at a cost of .09006 per KWH.

Installation of 9 heat pumps : in the function room HPU installed 6 heat pump heads and 3 heat pump heads in the member room with a total of 9 compressors. Soon after the installation of the heat pumps there was a utility company rate increase per KWH in February 2015. The total cost of heating for 2015 was $2,125.

From January 2013- October 2014 the Club used 772 gallons of oil at a cost of $3,000.

From October 2014- December 2015 the cost to heat the Club was $875 less than 2013/2014 season.

During the heating season of 2014/2015 the Upland Sportsman’s club used no oil heat. You DO remember all the snow and freezing cold days of the 2014/2015 snow season!!


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Jim also informed us that the Upland Club is considering the possibility of solar panels for increased savings on all utilities. We are frequently seeing this combination of solar and heat pumps in both commercial and residential construction or rehab by energy conscious customers. The savings is tremendous!

Both Mike and Jim were pleased to share their testimony for those who may be sitting on the fence about getting an estimate. When asked if they are completely satisfied with the performance of the heat pumps, both gentlemen responded, “100…..DEFINITELY”.

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