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Heat Pumps Unlimited (HPU) has had many satisfied customers. Some have been so happy with the installation of their heat pumps that they have willingly, with no pressure from us, provided HPU with a testimony. You can find each testimony, here on our website, under the tab Testimonials. Just click over and read them. Each is a direct quote…we have not sweetened the content with any changes!

You will have the opportunity to “hear” from those homeowners and businesses that are experiencing consistent warm heat for the spring, fall and winter (bet you wish you had one now) as well as cool air in the humid New England summers throughout their home or office.


“Warm, warm, warm sun room…..”

“After 21 years…never been more comfortable in hot summer…”

“Appreciation for product and service well done…”

“Installation professional, quickly done and fully tested….”

“Heat Pumps came back with the best pricing….I would encourage everyone to check them out…definitely know that they are doing…..”

“Outstanding job from initial consultation to finish product….”

“I got a unit installed a few weeks ago in my new home. We LOVE it!…”

“So easy to use….cools down my entire top floor in a matter of minutes!….”

“The guys were so nice…..it only took a few hours to install! This is one product we couldn’t go without!!”


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So while you are reading this, hop over to the Testimonials tab which you will find on top of this website. Read what some of our customers have to say. Learn where they are located. Think about it and give us a call to ask questions, make an appointment, or just tell us you want to hear more! Ask us about any problems we may have had with any installation. Nothing to hide here…we can share it all with you.



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